Day 12 of Self-Reflection: Beginners’ Mind

“Don’t be afraid to try something new. Remember amateurs built the Arc. Professionals built the Titanic.” Anonymous

In meditation, there is a concept called beginner’s mind. This discusses the freedom true beginners have when learning something. They are so excited and are not confined by all the rules of a field and novel solutions are available to them. They are open to being creative and experimenting. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. At some point, we become clouded by professionalism, lose our beginners’ mind, build Titanic’s and sink with them.

1. What was your last Arc?
2. What was your last Titanic?

Remember that we are not our projects. No matter how many Arcs or Titanic’s we help create we are who we are. If you have a difficult time remembering when you have made either take a minute and complete a breathing exercise where you center yourself. Do a 10-minute journal about who you are being separate from your accomplishments and try again. If this does not work try again another day. Only repeat this process up to three times a day or you risk exhausting yourself.