Day 10 of Self-Reflection: Perfection

“I am always doing what I cannot do yet in order to learn how I can do it.” Vincent van Gogh

How many times have we heard the old saying practice makes perfect? Well it is very appropriate. In order to learn how to do things we not only have to do them; but, we have to commit to doing them correctly. A better saying would be correct7perfect practice makes perfect. Then we get into the conversation about the word perfect and what it means.

What a philosophical thing to discuss. Pragmatist discuss the term perfect or “good” as whatever works for you in a situation. Those in the world of positive affirmation that was popularized by Norman Vincent Peale hold that the concept of perfection is something that we should work to transcend to build our self-esteem. The Zen Buddhist would encourage us to meditate about it on our cushions.

1. How willing are you to learn new things even if you will not do well in the beginning?
2. What would your life look like if you knew everything you did for the next year you would fail at; but, your life would not be adversely effected?

Sometimes people can be so focused on the destination that they miss the beauty of the journey. We have all heard the story of the two children in the car going to grandmother’s house. One was very excited to see Granny but also was excited by all the sights along the way asking questions about what they saw out the window and amusing themselves by singing songs and counting red cars. The other child kept asking “are we there yet?” The first child had a day full of a lot of joyful things to talk about. The second child had fun with Granny; but, had to endure a long difficult journey to get there. Which child are you when it comes to learning new things? Are you okay with that?