Day 7 of Self-Reflection: Resistance to Success

“The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt.” Sylvia Plath

A truer statement cannot have been written! It holds true about more than creativity. How often have I stood in my own way by questioning my ability despite working hard at something? Many times, we are not sure of ourselves but not due to actual proof. Being free is letting go of all that self-doubt and allowing ourselves the freedom to fly.
The thing is do you really want to fly? Flying is difficult for a variety of personal reasons needing to be discovered by and for oneself. Until the root of our difficulties are honestly admitted flying may not happen or may occur in small spurts.


1. List your self-doubts.
2. Beside each doubt make a list of at least three pieces of evidence that prove it as false.

If you have a difficult time with listing your doubts think about a task or goal you are working on that is difficult. What are you constantly thinking? If you are having a difficult time refuting self-doubts you may want to ask for help. You may want to do this exercise with a friend. You could make it a girl’s or guy’s night.

If all these journal topics and tips given in the guidance sections are not helping then you are experiencing what is called resistance. In English, you are afraid to fly. So, ask yourself why. When you answer that question ask yourself why that is a problem. Do this until you have asked yourself seven why questions. This is a little trick used to unlock a lot of amazing things