Day 6 of Self-Reflection:Meditation

“Half an hour’s meditation is essential except when you are very busy. Then a full hour is needed.” Francis de Sales

Life is full of obligations and responsibilities. We all have things to do but the most important thing is taking care of ourselves. It is important to preserve who we are body, mind, and soul. This requires being aware of what we need and how to meet that need. Sometimes we need rest, stillness, and quiet.

We need the ability to sit still with our own thoughts and determine if we are on the right track. We also need to be in our own company and decide if we like who we are. Busyness can help us be more of who we are or it can help us be less. All the noise outside of us can keep us from hearing the voice within.

1. What do you think about meditating?
2. How do you feel about sitting quietly with your thoughts for company?

If you are against meditation you can think of it as sitting quietly with yourself in deep contemplation.