Day 5 of Self-Reflection: Adversity

“When it gets dark enough we can see the stars.” Charles A. Beard

Everyone experiences adversity. The difference between those of us who are happy and those of us who are not can be found in how we process our adversities. Happy individuals do not pretend that adversity is not present they acknowledge it for what it is and respond accordingly. Those who are defeated do one of two things either deny it thereby decreasing the likelihood of facing life’s truth or succumb to the stress it causes.

The thing is life is stress filled and that is how you know you are living. If you are comfortable then are you truly experiencing all life has to offer? If you are not being challenged then are you stretching yourself to try new things? I would rather take a risk and fail than stay safe and wonder if I could have done it. Along the way to finding out if the risk is worth it I will encounter adversity.

1. When you heard the word adversity what did you think this was going to be about?
2. Are you willing to face adversity when it is looked reframed?

Reframing is a technique used to think about an old concept in a new light. It is a counseling technique used to help get a person un-stuck. If you had a difficult time following the post share with a creative friend, this may be someone you have a difficult time following when they talk or who often have strange ideas, and see what they think.