Day 4 of Self-Reflection: Intuition

“My entire life can be summed up in one sentence: Well that didn’t go as planned.” Anonymous.

I know right, who has been reading your journal? Plans are a wonderful idea and can get us started and sometimes can help us stay focused. Other times a plan needs to be abandoned in order to help us receive a blessing or benefit. How do you tell the difference?

Balance is the key and using one;;s intuition is imperative. I have been fortunate to have a mother who has encouraged me to stay connected to who I am as a person and honor my inner voice. Often she has disagreed with a decision of mine; yet, supported me as a person as I stubbornly carried it out. Some of the best things come from not sticking to the plan but sticking to one’s principles.

1. Do you trust yourself enough to know when to veer from your carefully made plan?
2. What are your thoughts on intuition?

If you are not sure exactly what intuition is you may want to do some research about it. I encourage you not to do too much. Simply look the word up in the dictionary and speak with three people. Any more information gathering than that and the opinion you make may become clouded by the opinion of others. The goal here is self-reflection.