Day 3 of 31 Days of Self-Reflections Accomplishments

“The mirror of a man’s heart is his actions.” Anonymous

Yesterday we discussed mistakes and how they could be used to point out things we needed to learn. Accomplishments can do the same thing. Achievements are not simply a job well done; but, also the culmination of actions repeated, plans actualized, and decisions you followed through with.

Sometimes it can be just as difficult to reflect on our accomplishments as it was to reflect upon mistakes. Maybe we do not think what was completed is worthy enough, you do not own the accomplishment, and/or if others knew you had that ability you would have to act more responsibly in the future. Of course, the list could be extended. Self-reflection should be balanced and taken a list at the good you have added to the world at large is part of doing that.

1. List three major accomplishments.
2. What obstacles did you have to overcome to make them occur?

If you cannot come up with at least three accomplishments you may want to journal about this. When I assign this to clients I usually ask for two accomplishments for each year of life