Day 2 of Self Reflection: Mistakes

 “You can learn great things from mistakes when you aren’t busy denying them.” Anonymous

Mistakes are a part of taking risks and of learning. Being able to learn from is a part of maturity and of growing. You can tell more from how a person handles his or her mistakes as well as the mistakes of others than how one handles success. When I make a mistake, there is an initial period of regret and guilt until I can regroup and move forward with the new information. When working with others I welcome mistakes born from genuine effort.
Again, ignoring a mistake does not diminish its effect on your life only your ability to handle it confidently. There is also no need to cling to a mistake simply due to time invested in making it. Being aware of a mistake, accepting it as something that has happened yet does not define you, and then acting in a manner that propels you forward can give meaning to difficulties that are painful. It is often said that winter always turns to spring.

1. List three mistakes you have made.
2. How can you use personal strengths to learn from them and move forward in a health manner?
If you have difficulty with either prompts ask supports for feedback and/or help. You may want to be thinking about who you consider to be supportive.