Day 1 Self-Reflection Challenge: Getting Started

“If you do not define who you are someone else will.” Unknown

Self-knowledge is vital for success. Difficulty is this requires slowing down and being aware of each part of us. Sometimes, this means we have to face the shadows we run from by overworking or under-boundary setting. Sometimes, it means we must own the strengths that society says we should not have or we have to hear our own voices as we lead others through having a stand-alone spirit. All this requires self-knowledge.

There are many reasons for lacking self-knowledge including but not limited to: trauma, being involved in a life transition, and reaching a goal. Taking time to learn about yourself anew can be a freeing experience.

Here is what you are in for…30 days of me and you and community make three. For the next 30 days, I will be doing a post with inspiration and self-reflection via blog (the me and you part). The “and community makes three part is the Facebook community Life on Purpose where you can join others who are doing the same thing as you!

Bring to mind a recent event where you had to make a major decision. Answer the two questions regarding that event to do a quick self-reflection.
1. Who was I in that situation? (Be specific about the situation. Give only a description of who you were in that situation not a reason.)
2. Am I okay with that? (answer yes or no without giving an explanation)

If you do not like the way the prompts make you feel do not change the answers to the prompts through rationalizations. Change the answers to them by altering your behavior.