Resilience (Be a rubber ball)

When I say resilient what do you think? I think bounce back. Mental health professionals are trying to agree on what this word means. Some think resilience is a set of characteristics that can be taught to an individual in order to help him or her overcome adversities. Another group think it is a set of qualities a community has that include adults that are giving, having a culture where individuals are expected to meet challenges with support, and individuals who receive nurturing are able to return this gift. A third group says that resilience is a set of protective factors that helps a person avoid getting a mental illness such as a mood disorder or anxiety disorder.

Most definitions of resilience have one thing in common…they each have the person not having any illness or negative consequences. As I was researching this concept I wondered if there was room for illness to occur and a person still be recognized as resilient. Resilience can be preventing illness or recovering from it.

Recovery is strength. Sometimes a part of facing obstacles includes illness. No one is ever considered weak for catching a cold or the flu; so, why is it not strong to develop posttraumatic stress disorder after war or assault? Living has the side-effect of emotions which can be overwhelming leading to unhealthy behaviors.

Life brings about problems, suffering, and adversity. If you are not facing challenges then are you really becoming the you you want to be? Living encourages resilience it is just some need more assistance tapping into their potential than others. What are you doing to cultivate your natural tendency to master motivation?

Thank you again,