All in the Family (Autism Hope and Hurt of Love)

Hello Esteemed Reader,

Continuing to celebrate Autism Awareness Month means looking at one of the silent battles won in many homes each and every day. Which is what will happen to children on the autism spectrumwhen they become adults? It is crucial to ensure our children on the spectrum are afforded rich opportunitues to learn social and living skills allowing them to function as independently as possible as adults.
 I am very aware of the United States’ tendency to be impatiens with adults unable to follow social rules. Individuals who fall on the spectrum with uncontrolled symptoms are at a huge disadvantage when their advocates are no longer in their lives which parents are instinctively aware of and fear.
This causes a level of fear in some parents that preoccupies them and hinders their ability to be available in other areas of their lives. Parents and/or caregivers who are unable to appropriately approach this fear statistically suffer more life difficulties than those who do not have a child on the spectrum such as:

  • hard time keepng a job 
  • unsatisfactory social life
  • unhealthy marrages
  • fractured relationships with other children in the home
  • poor physical health

The solution is to speak of this need directly with a support system you create. Speak with those around you about your real concern and plan for this event. Children who fall on the austism specrum will grow into adults who fall on the spectrum. 
This does not mean they have to be victims of circumstance. This does mean all the fear, concern, uncertainty, and discomfort that inspired you to advocate at that school meeting can be used to planfor success. It can be used to help your child become a healthy teenager; and that teenager a functioning adult. It would help everyone involved use the love of a relative or friend to champion changes in policies affecting everyone touched by this disorder. 

No one will love like you do. Similarly no one will advocate like you advocate. So: continue speaking. Furthermore encourage your loved one to speak in his or her own way. Use pictures or songs on the radio. Use whatever it is that works and know your best is good enough and self-care helps everyone.
All the best: