Autism Awareness Month

Each therapist has their moments when working side by side with a client where they feel their limits. All the training, classes, consultations and previous experiences do not prepare a therapist for everything. I realized this on a very deep level when treating clients with autism, or who are on the spectrum.
When I am with anyone with autism I am more aware of the need for healthy relationships where each person is allowed to be whoever they are naturally. No pretenses just authentic connectedness to a comfortable degree. By the time a person with autism has found their way into my office he or she has experienced problems in other areas of life such as school, work, home, and/or legal.
Truth of the matter is the problems experienced by my clients are not completely of their own design. My clients, as well as others similar to them in diagnosis, are not having symptoms on purpose. They are not being difficult on purpose. They are doing their best. Is their best different than yours or mine? Yes it is and just as you would like empathy so do they.

This month I am going to dedicate my posts to Autism Awareness Month. I hope to do an acceptable job honoring the brave and proactive individuals on the front line of the autism advocacy effort.

Thank you and see you next week!