Truly My Choices

“Watch your thoughts because they become your words. Watch your words because they become your actions. Watch your actions because they become your habits. Watch your habits because they become your character. And watch your character because it controls your destiny.” Unknown.

This past Monday I hosted my first webinar where I spoke of determining which goals to pursue and how to set yourself up for success. I find that in many circumstances I am putting things off until tomorrow; but, if I slow down and think about it those things are not important to me. Usually I say they are out of my habit to people please. What does that say about me?

That brings me to a very important point. All behavior communicates something about you. It sends a message. The question to ask is do you want to be sending that message? If not what changes do you have to make in order to send a different message. So let us get to work!

Let us choose a goal that means something to us. A few keys to determine if the is goal truly important. Is it something you feel compelled to do from a place within yourself or are you feeling pressure from a source from outside yourself? In either case are you okay with the birth place of the motivation? Something to remember is that who or whatever motivates you is who or what you give a piece of yourself to.

Next Become clear about what you are wanting. At the end of the process what is the finished masterpiece you are wanting to see? How will your life be different? What part of the wellness wheel are you living in by doing this new thing (intellectual, physical, spiritual, occupational, social, or emotional)?

Finally act now! As soon as you are done reading this post. Don’t wait another moment. We all have said that someday we would do this, that, or the other thing. Well I am here to give you some great news; SOME DAY IS HERE!

Make your goal specific, time oriented, , measurable, and realistic. Your goal should be written in such a way that if someone saw how successful you are and wanted to copy you they could pick up your goal and do exactly what you did. Being realistic is to help you to be aware of your strength and resources. If you know you do not have the resources to become a raw vegan tomorrow how about cutting out beef first? One thing at a time. Have the wisdom to make needed change right away and the compassion not to be unreasonable about changing too quickly.

I would love to hear about your experiences along the way to change. Please leave any comments below. What came up for you when you were reading this post? What would you like to see me write about on my blog?