Z is for Zest

Zest not just for cooking any more! Zest is having a sense of excitement for an activity. It is truly being mindful of what is going on and the joy you are experiencing as a result of being a part of it.

Finding something to have zest for is important to mental health and wellness. It is difficult to get up every day and face obstacles if there is no activity that brings joy or excitement. That is why hobbies are so important to both recovery and prevention of mental illness. 

Having a zest for something does not look the same from person to person or even from day to day in the same person. It is possible for a person to have zest on the inside and not look like it. Zest is for you though those around you may benefit. 

Do you have zest for anything? If you do not would you be willing to try to find something in which you did?

Finding Zest

  1. Make a list of things you may find fun. Ask others what they find fun to get ideas.

Order them according to how exciting they seem.

  1. Try them out one at a time.


P. S. I want to thank you for helping me find an activity I have zest for, blogging! Posting several times a week has shown me how much I enjoy being creative. Thank you for being a part of my journey.