Y is for Your Purpose

In the post for the letter X  I spoke about stretching yourself through exercise. I also mentioned how sometimes we need to stretch ourselves by resting. The key is to determine when to do which by listening to our intuition. 

When exercising it is wise to determine our purpose before beginning to exercise be it a physical, emotional, or spiritual session. It can also be helpful to be clear about our purpose before doing other things.

Think about it. Many times we go grocery shopping with a list, visit a doctor with a concern in mind, and attend college with a focus of study. In each of these examples we determine a clear purpose to guide our activity. As I am writing this post I realize we generally do well at setting a purpose. I would go so far as to say society almost mandates it.

I have witnessed and experienced the difficulty  stemming from determining our own focus. We do a lot of things out of obligation, pressure, or guilt. Making the purpose our own is the first step in honoring the individual nature of everyone. Being able to use your voice appropriately improves mental health by allowing space for oneself to blossom. Sometimes we will need to do things for ourselves and sometimes we will need to do things for others the key is to determine when is the time to do which.

Your purpose helps determine which boundaries will be set. How good are you at determining your purpose? Do you ever slow down to determine your purpose before doing every day tasks? What do you think would occur if you spent more time being aware of your purpose?