W is for Writing it Out

I love journaling.  I buy them and gift them to others.  I write in one almost daily and usually have one on me how matter where I go.  Being able to capture what is going on inside of me or around me has a sense of magic .  For those of you who would like to write but are not sure how to get started there are no rules.  You do not have to write in sentences or even spell words correctly.  You do not even have to actually use words.  You can draw, cut pictures out of magazines, take pictures, or cut and paste things from Pinterest into a word document.  Yes, my friend you do not have to use a traditional journal.  There are many apps you can download to your phone or tablet that will help make it possible to journal on the go!
Making a list is an easy way to go about journaling what has happened or what you are feeling.  You can start by explaining what you are going to list and then go about making a list.  I have started using this method when my thoughts are racing and I need to go a bit faster than usual as well as when I need to journal but do not have a lot of time.

Example of My  List

The five W’s  of journal writing. Journal writing can be,fun and cathartic. I think it can also be intimidating. I hope my list helps make it more approachable.

  • Who should write? Everyone! 
  • What should one write about?  There has been a study done by Dr. James Pennebaker showing that journaling about emotionally charged events can increase the immune system. If this is too much for you honor that and do what you can.
  • Where should you keep your writings? They should be kept all in one place. It is impossible to find a book large enough for everything you would ever write but having a place for your most recent journaling is helpful.
  • When is a good time to journal? When the mood strikes some would say while others say it is important to journal daily and opinions fall everywhere in between. Journaling daily can help one develop the skill so that when a difficult time occurs you have a habit to fall back on.
  • Why? Because it works. It builds resilience, allows you a chance to process emotions.  capture events, and it allows you a safe place to be creative.
  • How should you journal? Any way you like. It is your journal and you can use it however you like! Just like I added this to the list despite it not technically belonging.

Do you keep a journal? If so leave a comment with a tip for me in a comment. If not try it for a week and return to tell about your experience.




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