V is for Victory

All this talk about change, goals, obstacles, and persistence let us take a step back and breathe in our happy moments. Pushing ourselves will yield victories. Thing is many do not take the time to honor and celebrate the victories reached each and every day.

Story time! This past fall I attended a seminar for school. The day before it began I was so overwhelmed I could not think straight. I could only focus on being afraid. I called a trusted advisor in tears. She suggested I list my accomplishments. Her reasoning was since I have overcome so much making a list of these things to keep near me during my seminar would help me remember my ability, skill, and training. I have since begun an accomplishment book listing current and past victories.

Honesty time, I have been keeping my book for seven months and may have 20 victories/accomplishments. I do believe I have had more than 20 victories in my life. That does not even average one victory a year. India Arie sings in her song Beautiful Day “life is a challenge not a competition.” That being said every challenge brings a victory for everyone who takes part in it. The key is    SEEING the victory. My challenge will lead me to my victory. 

Do you routinely reflect upon your victories? What do you think of doing,this? What about starting right now? Right now… list at least five victories! What do you feel emotionally about honoring and celebrating your victories? 

When you note your victories you build your resilience. You can do it!



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