S is for Self-Care  (Selfless or selfish?)

Self-care is easier in theory than practice.  We all know what it is but have a hard time applying it in daily life.  Slowing down to listen to our needs, prioritize, communicate, and then work our plan is difficult when achievement and efficiency is the goal.  Yes, self-care includes rest BUY  it also includes taking on challenges and pushing ourselves to the next level.
When we go about appropriate self-care sometimes we may be the only one who benefits directly.  This may appear selfish for example taking the last piece of cake.  In other instances our action will appear selfless such as participating in a group fundraiser walk.  By taking time and effort and directing it towards ourselves sends an important message to everyone.  It says each one of us is important enough to be cherished in thought and deed.
Awareness of what is going on inside of you is needed if health is going to be maintained.  What do you do to keep and/or improve your mental health? Would this be thought of as selfish or selfless by others?   By yourself?


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