R is for Resilience

Growing up there was a commercial for a battery that had a little bunny hitting a drum.  It would go through a bunch of craziness and the announcer would talk about how it kept going and going.  This is resilience.  Our ability to weather a storm and come out with who we are still in tact is what resilience  is all about.  We may be changed in a variety of ways but who we are at are very core is not.
Resilience keeps me me and you you.  We have spoken about adversity having an impact on many aspects of us and causing us to consider change and sometimes causing us to reexamine life.  For example if a person is a survivor of a violent assault he or she may lose faith in humankind, may not feel safe and may experience physical affects.  As one recovers they may learn of the kindness possible, awaken to personal intuition and courage.  Physical recovery may provide an opportunity for personal tenacity to be realized.  
Giving a horrific event meaning by allowing yourself the space and self compassion helps resolve existential concerns cultivating resilience. Helen Keller had said that the world is full of suffering.  But the world is also full of the overcoming of it.  What events in your past have built your resilience?
Thank you for sharing with me and for letting me do the same.



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