Q is for Quiet Time

Quiet time. . not just for children any more!  Honestly, everyone I love my quiet time.  I use it to get myself centered, be still, reconnect to strengths, and have fun.  I also use it to let loose,  try new things, and have fun.  Those closest to me have been known to suggest I take some quiet time.

    You have everything you need already at your disposal.  Some of the things such as knowledge, ability, and skills have to be cultivated.  Other things such as courage, strength, and determination have to be remembered.  Being able to sit with your own thoughts and feelings allow you to process all you are experiencing.
    Growing comfortable with quiet time helps by giving your senses a break.  Being overwhelmed with stimulus can produce physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses.  Avoidance of self may also develop as you become used to being distracted.  
    Despite my enjoying quiet time I do find myself being tempted by distractions.  A solution I have found is to have my quiet time first thing in the morning.  By starting off with quiet time I am able to focus and gather my steam.  I know my problem is slowing down so I circumvent this by starting slow.
    My question to you are:

    • What do you think will be your biggest obstacle to quiet time?
    • If a friend had this obstacle what advice would you give him or her?
    • Using the advice you would give a friend what is the first step you could take to putting that solution into action?

    Take your first step and let us know how it worked out.



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