P is for Prioritize

How important is it!
Yes, technically it is a question but I use it to remind myself that I cannot pay the same amount of honor, care, and concern to everybody and everything.  The above also reminds me to choose what I am going to give my effort to.  I use “how important is it” to get me to focus.  If in five minutes I will be tired with no sense of personal satisfaction, if in five months I will have wished I had that time back, and in five years I will not remember having done whatever I may not want to make this particular activity a priority.
So far we have discussed personal needs and openness.  When you are aware of your needs and are open to competing attention and resource seekers you will have to determine what is to be your priority.  The thing about priorities is that they change from moment to moment depending on a million different things.  Priorities are what is in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) calls a value.  You can typically see a person’s values or priorities in their behavior.  It is easy to say you value one thing with your mouth yet have your behavior say you value something different.
What would you like your priorities to be?  Is this the way you live your life?  If not what stands in your way?  If you are satisfied with how things are what can you do to keep this up?
Thank you for reading!



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