O is for Openness

Being open can help you in every area in life.  Being open helps good things to enter your life but may also leave you open to things that may be destructive to your health.  This may leave you feeling vulnerable and ambivalent about being open.  

A mind is like a parchute.  Both are best used when open.  Making yourself available to receive information can give you more options.  You cannot choose something you do not know is available.  Openness, like acceptance, does not mean agreement.
Openness also applies to the spirit.  Being able to experience what the universe has to offer means blessings and benefits are more available to you.  By relaxing into a spiritual experience energy used to fight what is occurring can be used to fully take in what is going on.  Resistance is self-defeating.
Physical openness can help decrease pain and muscle tension.  If you have ever had a tense neck you know the pain of physical fighting of life’s happenings.  Relief is often felt by being open to a massage and feeling some pain.  At the end of the massage all is well!  Openness to discomfort can bring relief.
What do you need to be open to at this stage of your life?  Are you able to be as open as you think you need to be?  If the answer is no what stands in your way?


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