N is for Need

We all have needs. Abraham Maslow wrote about our being motivated to get our needs met.  He said there were several levels of needs.  The lower level needs must be met before the higher ones can be focused on.  If an event occurs and a need is no longer being fulfilled the level is returned to.  
I find myself having to be aware of competing needs.  For example I may need rest, quiet surroundings, human company, and to be warm.  If I am at a baseball game late at night I can only get one need met unless I am willing tl make changes to where i am i must be aware of not getting all my needs met and may be out of sorts until i do.

Sometimes we have to ask others to assist in the achievement of our needs from other people.  That is okay and part of being in relationships.  The key to getting your needs met is knowing what you need and how you are able to get that need met appropriately.
Listening to yourself allows you to take proper care of your body, mind, and spirit.  
Let me close this post a little differently than all the others.  The universe has only one you.  So, you have the awe inspiring responsibility and privilege to ensure your appropriately excellent care.  Your true self that is always present, despite it not being listened to, knows what you need and how to go about meeting that need.  Learning to hear and live by that voice is key to mental health. 


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