L is for Love

Yes, I know I could have waited two days until Valentines Day but that would throw off the theme.  So, here we will are, love!
It is one of the most confusing concepts known to man.  Is it a thought?  Feeling?  Action?  How is it measured?  Or can it not be measured at all?
Pooh from Winnie the Pooh says you feel it and the same scientists we discussed in the kindness post yesterday agree.  They note that loving-kindness meditation helps the one doing it to experience benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually.  

Love can overcome many obstacles.  Warning personal story ahead!  I have a history of anxiety around cleanliness.  This meant past times such as gardening were deal breakers.  A couple years ago I was helping my best friend with severe asthma move.  Her new place had a plant outside her door that she was allergic to.  She was promised by her landlord would be moved but it had not been.  So, I put gloves on and removed it! Fear made an appearance but love spoke firmly and sent it away.
Love can inspire, soothe, calm, encourage, an so much more.  There is nothing love cannot do.  What has love inspired you to do? 

Meet me here tomorrow to learn what the letter M stands for.



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