K is for Kindness

When looking to decide if I should say something I use the slogan T. H. I. N. K.






For awhile I was confused as to what exactly kindness was.  After a lot of personal guidance, self-reflection, and reading of different literature I learned a lot.
Kindness is an action that is born of wanting to see the recipient of the act to be bettered as a result.  
One of the strongest forms of meditation is the loving-kindness meditation.  It was studied most in a Tibetan monk.  Scientist learned of the great physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure, increased ability to fight anxiety, and increased neuroplasticity.  
The kindness portion of this meditation, as I practice it, consists of offering the person or group of focus phrases of well-being.  This is done genuinely and to the degree that you are able.  More in two days!
So, kindness can be as grand as offering phrases of well-being or as simple as not speaking.  Sometimes the kindest the I can do is be quiet until I am calmer.  
What is your personal concept of kindness?  Are you able to be kind in difficult situations?  Are you able to be kind to yourself?  Do you allow others to be kind to you?


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