J is for Joy

Sometimes life can be difficult and it’s main purpose can be made fuzzy but the goal is to find joy and happiness. I am pretty sure that we all have heard it said at least once that no one on his her death bed has wished that he or she had taken one more class in business accounting or spent one more hour getting their eyebrows plucked.


Point being that opening one’s heart and mind to the idea that life is not about learning to master suffering but about learning how to cultivate joy as the original Budha so elegantly put it.


What are you doing right now that is helping you cultivate joy? Yes, at this moment what are you doing to invite a smile into your spirit? Are you practicing gratitude when you feel it? Are you resting appropriately? Are you having fun? If not STOP! Yes right this very minute. Do not even finish this blog post, STOP and do something fun. Fun Does not have to be extravagant it just has to be fun.


When you create a place where fun happens joy naturally follows. When joy is present a desire to take care of what is the source of the joy naturally occurs. As greater care of the environment and/or yourself happens healthy habits develop and everyone wins! So, joy is important for all health. CHALLENGE!!! Do something right now that you find fun. Now, commit and carry out this fun evry day for the next 30 days. At the end return to this post and tell me and others how it went.


I look forward to hearing from you soon. Well in 30 days with an update of how your fun challenge went.



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