H is for Happiness

What has you wanting to be healthy?  What motivates you to do the difficult things life requires?  If you and I were talking you would tell me of a dream, desire, goal or number of things.
In a nutshell you wish to be happy and health makes it easier to obtain or keep in touch with your happiness.  It is possible for you to obtain happiness no matter your circumstances.  I find that when I overcome a new challenge I am bappy; but, I am also happy when I am having coffee with a friend at my favorite coffee shop. 

 Below you will find my list of nine.  This is simply several things you may want to try in order to cultivate happiness in yourself.  Each item has scientific rationale attached that I could not include here.

List of Nine

  • Find a hobby to be passionate about.  Having a fun activity to do in your free time can naturally bring about happiness.
  • Have a sense of humor.  Laughing and smiling with your heart builds resilience making difficulties easier to overcome.
  • Journal about your day.  Keeping a written record about your day encourages balance and growth.
  • Build a support system.  Having people that are able to both give and receive healthy support builds a sense of connection to the world cutting down on isolation and loneliness.
  • Set boundaries.  When you allow for personal limits you allow for all experiences including happiness.
  • Be honest with yourself and others.  This decreases the need to berate the self for unacceptable behavior.
  • Express authentic gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal.   Keeping an attitude of gratitude allows for the resilience I spoke of earlier.  Avoid writing items for the sake of writing.  
  • Eat well.  Having a balanced diet of all the food groups gives your body the fuel to provide your mind and spirit the ability to choose happiness.
  • Exercise!  Yes exercise.  Moving your body produces so many changes and reactions that all support and encourage health.

Do you see any suggestions that interest you? I encourage you to them  out.  Before trying them out determine your goal then go for it!  Tell me what you think.



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