G is for Grief

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Grief is an emotion experienced as a result of loss or even the fear of an upcoming loss.  Grief can be felt over the loss of absolutely anything. The pioneer of grief studies, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, developed her stages by observing how patients with terminal illnesses received the news, adjusted to it, and proceeded to function.  She wrote that there are five stages.  They are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
Modern grief studies note that grief is not limited to the loss of one’s own life but anything.  Also the stages of grief do not always come in order.  Sometimes a stage may be skipped for years.  Finally, a stage may be returned to after it has been skipped or completed.  
When I face a new loss of something important I find it helpful to honor my experience.  Also I can be soothed by remembering what I am grateful for.  If I am grieving something I value it; so, reflecting on this can be helpful.  If you are grieving what can you do to help yourself honor this experience? 
For more support check out The Grief Club  by Melodie Beattie.

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