D is for Disease/Disorder

Part of mental wellness is realizing that despite your best efforts or the efforts for those you love mental illness will occur.  Disease and order are not signs of wrongdoings or punishments. They cannot be avoided and deserve compassionate and intelligent discussion in order to fully discuss mental wellness.

First thing first, mental disorders are not choices. No one chooses to have a mental disease. They are a collection of symptoms that are all present causing a person to experience reality in a manner that leaves him or her feeling distressed. Distress is so diverse as to differ in how it presents itself in a variety of ways.  No one who has a disease chooses to have one but all in recovery choose to be in recovery.
Sick not bad is my personal motto. I remind both myself and client to treat all with a mental disorder like one would a sick friend. Be gentle. Breathe, rest, self-worth, and ask for support. You are worth it. Falling back in aligngnment with yourself.  Think ahead and watch your dream become your reality.
So, what do you think about mental disorders in general? 
Thank you,



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