B is for Balance (Wise Mind)

Balance does not mean that the things you are balancing are represented equally.  It means that the things are represented appropriately for the situation.  This is true whether we are talking about our checkbooks or the concept of wise mind.  
Wise mind as I am talking about it here refers to the concept as it is defined by Marsha Linehan in dialectal behavior therapy (DBT).  Wise mind is the ability to use one’s intellect and emotion appropriately.  I like to think of it as mental wellness kool-aid.  When wise mind is being used intellect and emotion are so seamless that a person looking in from the outside cannot tell where intellect ends and emotion begins.
Typically people prefer using either their intellect or their emotions more in making decisions or in interacting with reality.  This means that efforts need to be made to use the other in order for balance to be achieved.  When one uses either intellect or emotion all the time thinkking errors occur and life is more difficult than it has to be.  Balance brings freedom, joy, and peace.  Balance is work but so is suffering.
Are you more likely to use your intellect or emotions when making a decision or when under stress?  Do you think that you would be able to use wise mind in your life?  If you would like to use it do you think it will be easy?  If you do not see yourself using it what went into making that decision?
See you here again tomorrow,



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