A is for Awareness, Acceptance and Action aka Change

Making the shift from mental ealth to mental wellnes is a change the World Health Organization is undertaking in many developing countries.  Closer to home mental health professionals are working to make changes in the United States as well.  My contribution to the effort isto help those I work with evaluate where they are, where they would like to be, and what needs to happen in order to get there.  In other words what does change look like?

I remember the change process by keeping in mind the three A’s of awareness, acceptance, and action.

Awareness is taking note of the present moment.  This may happen in a variety of ways.  You can be struck aware or have awareness slowly brought into your life.  The point is that you have gained knowledge about what is occurring around or within you.  Awareness may or may not be accompanied with emotions.
Acceptance is realizing that reality is reality despite your preferences or pinions about it.  One thing I find myself having to say to both myself and others is that acceptance does not mean you like or agree with what is going on.  Acceptance means that you are not in denial of what is going on.  It is possible to acceptance something and not want it to be so.  In many cases not wanting something to be a part of your life can motivate change.

Action is what we do with the reality we are placed in.  It is possible that the action we choose to do does not facilitate the change we want.  The trick to change is to be aware of this and then accept it so we may act appropriately.

What do you think about the change process I wrote about? Do you have any situation in your life where you could use this process?  If so how do you think you could use a journal?  I often encourage clients to ask themselves where they are and where they need to go next.  

Thank you for reading day one for the ABC’s of Mental Wellness!  I look forward to meeting you here tomorrow!
My best,



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