Do You Know Your ABC’s… of Mental Wellness

First things first, health is not about the absence of disease alone but about the presence of wellness.  As a mental health professional I often see clients who are experiencing severe symptoms of a mental illness.  Being able to witness their journey into health is amazing and humbling to me.  It is a reminder of the strength of the human spirit.  I also see clients who do not have any diagnosis but are seeking tools to get to the next level of achievement.
In all my work I have the opportunity to learn about resilience, strength, courage, victory, and all facets of the human experience.  I have learned some ABC’s and am excited to be able to share them with you.  In the month of February I will write about one topic using the letter of the day going in alphabetical order.  I will take a break halfway through and again at the end to tie things together.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them for me!

I am excited to be starting my first month blog marathon, I think that’s what it is called.  What are you  excited about?  Do you find that new challenges motivate you or keepyou from acting? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle?
All My Best,



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