Give Life Your Purpose                                                                                                                                            

Happy New Year!!! This is my personal new year since it is my birthday.  I use this day to reset my clock by taking a look at the previous year keeping in mind the two questions 1.) what got me results I wanted and 2.) what got me results I could do without?  I then make plans to do more or less of things according to what is appropriate.  The past two years I have gone through the process of planning my perfect day and gone about making it happen.  This is all an effort for me to give my life my purpose.  
I am coming to realize with greater and greater clarity that my personal resources, time and energy, are limited and I no longer wish to waste them.  I am no longer willing to let things go in order to avoid being uncomfortable.  If it is important to me then I go about doing, or not doing,it.  I have one life and it is my responsibility to use it with respect and honor.  Today I refocused on giving my life my purpose.  My personal slogan for the year is “this is the year of best.”  I will be asking myself “am I truly doing my best at this moment.”  What is your prsonal slogan for this year?  How will you go about staying focused on living it?


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